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Most Swedes, Finns and Danes favour deeper Nordic co-operation over EU-membership

  December 31, 2013 - A TNS/Gallup poll published by the EUD April 2 2014 shows 50% of respondents in Finland and 49% in Sweden would vote for Nordic countries deepening co-operation (nordiskt förbund) in many policy areas and negotiating a trade agreement with the EU. A poll conducted in February by Danish think-tank Ny Agenda showed similar results (47%). Fewer than one in three respondents would vote for EU-membership if the Nordic countries instead would establish a joint trade agreement with the EU and deeper co-operation among the Nordic countries in areas such as justice, environment, foreign- and trade policy. Given this choice only 31% in Finland and 28% in Sweden and Denmark would support EU membership. [more]


New report: The EU's principle of subsidiarity - an empty promise

  December 31, 2013 - The Lisbon Treaty was supposed to draw clear borders for the competences of the EU. This would be accomplished through changes in the subsidiarity control. A Swedish report finds that this promise has not been fulfilled. The author argues that: "the competences of the EU are so wide, its targets so ambitious and the criterions when a proposal is in breach of the principle are so imprecisely formulated that this control lacks all prerequisites to stop the transfer of new competences to the EU". The report not only presents a critique of the system as it functions today, it proposes concrete ways to reform and improve the subsidiarity control at EU and national level. [more]


EUDemocrats opinion poll: Irish public not aware of changes to EU decision making process

  December 30, 2013 - A new EUDemocrats poll also found that 69% of the Irish public would oppose any suggestion of cuts to areas such as pay, welfare or pensions; if these were required by people in the Eurozone to ensure the continued existence of the euro currency. [more]


EUD welcomes new Croatian member by hosting a discussion on the EU and its system of values

  December 11, 2013 - EUDemocrats welcomes new Croatian member Dr. sc. Don Ivan Grubišić, MP, by hosting a discussion on the European Union and its system of values ("Europska unija I sustav vrijednosti") in Zagreb, Croatia. [more]


Nils Lundgren, economist, former MEP

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David Heathcoat-Amory on Lisbon
In 2001, the EU heads of government issued the Laeken Declaration, calling for a reformed Europe, 'closer to its citizens'. That reform has never been carried out. Look at the EU budget - now rejected by the auditors for the 14th year. [» more]

More and more laws originate from political decisions in EU-institutions

  November 04, 2013 - The Swedish Parliament Magazine, Riksdag & Departement, has reviewed 1300 law proposals from the last Social Democrat and the current center-right government dating back to 2005. The report found that the number of law proposals originating from political decisions in EU-institutions has increased dramatically since 2010. [more]


Swedish Parliament to “yellow card” Banking Union proposals

  October 07, 2013 - The Swedish Parliament will “yellow card” EU-legislation intended to establish a bank resolution fund and single resolution mechanism (SRM). The Parliament's Finance Committee claims the proposals contradict the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. [more]


EUD hosts discussion on Latvia's future in the EU and the euro

  September 24, 2013 - EUDemocrats hosted a discussion on Latvia's future in the EU and the eurozone September 21st in Riga, Latvia. Speakers Stefan Törnqvist (Finland), Anne-Marie Pålsson (Sweden) and Pieter Cleppe (Belgium) discussed the euro, the subsidiarity principle and EU-overregulation as well as Latvia's 2014 introduction of the euro. [more]


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